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I once heard someone say, “Faith is for the middle.” They were referring to the time Jesus told His disciples, Let us pass over unto the other side, and while they were in the midst of the sea the big storm arose.


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Are you satisfied with how things are going in your life—or are there areas you want to see changed? Are you like some who have learned about faith but still unsure whether or not you are in faith?

Jesus operated within the laws of faith, getting results, and He provided us with His example.

In this series, you will receive foundational truths which will show you how to put your faith to work. Be it family situations, sickness, or financial hardship, there is a way to shape your life and receive God’s best—through faith!

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Attributes of a Father

| General, Marriage & Family | No Comments

When Father’s Day comes around, I can’t help but think about the fathers God placed in my life. My natural father was a wonderful man. He cared for his family more than anything in this world—he was my hero. In fact, one time when I was about five years old, I went to the barber…


It’s Your Choice

| General | No Comments

Many years ago I dove into the plan of God for my life and began pastoring a wonderful church. Week after week, as the Word was being sown into the hearts of people, it was thrilling to see them grow spiritually, and this, of course, would cause a positive ripple effect in every aspect of…


Your Greatest Hindrance

| Faith, General | No Comments

Faith is the very foundation of the Christian life. James 2 tells us that faith without works is dead. Many times when people approach the topic of faith, they do so zeroing in on confession. While confession is very important in obtaining God’s promises through faith, faith is also an act. Can you identify the…