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I once heard someone say, “Faith is for the middle.” They were referring to the time Jesus told His disciples, Let us pass over unto the other side, and while they were in the midst of the sea the big storm arose.


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Are you satisfied with how things are going in your life—or are there areas you want to see changed? Are you like some who have learned about faith but still unsure whether or not you are in faith?

Jesus operated within the laws of faith, getting results, and He provided us with His example.

In this series, you will receive foundational truths which will show you how to put your faith to work. Be it family situations, sickness, or financial hardship, there is a way to shape your life and receive God’s best—through faith!

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Phyllis & Peggy

| Faith, Marriage & Family | No Comments

The very words you see are notes taken from Peggy Webb’s journal from the 1970’s when the life of faith began for this family. There is far more that these ladies share than a birthday and their mother/daughter-in-law relationship. Their relationship with God has paralleled on so many levels—long before they knew each other. When…

what moves God

What Moves God

| General | No Comments

Years ago when I was preparing to minister in my church, the Lord dropped a message in me regarding supernatural provision. Though Jesus bore the curse of poverty and lack, far too many Christians continue to struggle financially, and I want to share something with you that I believe will help you not only in…


Your Heritage in the Holy Ghost

| Faith, General, Marriage & Family | No Comments

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a dear friend of mine, and she shared something that really impacted me. The Lord recently told her, “Don’t get away from the heritage of the Holy Spirit.” When she shared that with me it immediately bore witness with my heart. I began to mediate on the…